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  1. Dec 21

    With all the talk about how LA and Rudy have stepped up in the past couple weeks, let us not forget about the performances of Matthews and Dre. Matthews has been in the starting lineup for about a month now and has been the replacement for Brandon Roy. Since then he has averaged 19.5 points per game, around 35 percent from behind the ark, had numerous steals, and shooting

  2. Dec 20

    What a performance from LA tonight 29 and 19, almost a 30/20. The Blazers looked great tonight and really comfortable in their positions. Rudy has 7 assist and hooked up with LA at least 4 of those times. Another jump start persormance for Wesley; great first quarter with 13 points and three 3-pointers in a row. I have said it since the first game of the season, I am stoked

  3. Dec 20

    What are the keys to this game? What do we need to do to get the win. I think we need another big game from LA. Wesley and Miller need to have good games and DC needs to step up as well. Keeping our shooting % around 47 percent should give us the win, as well as keeping the Bucks around 40 percent. Defense, Defense, Defense through out the games , especially in the 4th. 

  4. Dec 18

    What is up with the trade talk already! What happenned to supporting our team. With Brandons "Situation" and Oden's being out for the rest of the year, again, there is trade talk already? Let's get behind our team and see what they can do for the rest of the year. We have a good team, it may not be a championship team, but before we pull the trigger early, again, let's

  5. Dec 06

    OK, Technical foul on Stu Jackson and all the idiots involved in this decision. I have said it before and I will say it again, who the hell does the NBA think Blake Dumba!# Griffin is. This guy is 20 games into his NBA career and is being treated better then Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant combined. You are going to tell me your going to eject a veteran player like

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