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  1. Feb 01

    It's been a while, but I'm still watching.  All I got to say is that it was after midnight in my home, with me in my study, fine glass of irish whiskey in hand, "ma" and the 3 wee beasties fast asleep in their beds, the chair in adequate lounge position, when Batum took a good looking three and missed it off the rim and... "Oh Rudy!" Yes. 

  2. Jan 05


  3. Jan 04 I've not posted in half an age, but I'm still watching, and not to take one smidgeon away from the way our team keeps rolling...but the little blurb dropped on the main page today about PMilly only getting to play two games in Idaho is FAN-friggin-HI-larious-tastic.  Check it: Two games: 30 points off the bench in 34 minutes.  7.5 assists,

  4. Dec 11

    There is no doubt that Lebron is the man, but my goodness....Blocking a shot at the height of the arc by definition.  Even MJ couldn't get away with that kind of no-call. Even so - it's hard to not be proud of our guys.  I posted as much the other evening after Indiana (though the post was lost in when I hit "compose" instead

  5. Dec 05

    If that's what it takes to get Brandon hungry, then I guess that's what it took.  For all the amazing chaos of injuries we've racked up in under a week, one can't be more proud of the down to the dregs gut of our guys after that win.  I am beyond disappointment at losing Oden.  I've really enjoyed watching him mature and was looking forward

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