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  1. Apr 19

    B-Who? Led by the late, once-great Brandon Roy, everyone else but L.A. no-showed to game 2 of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Now the rest of the NBA nation (that stick around to watch the tier two left coast games) know what the Blazer fan has come to realize throughout this season - that Brandon Roy, the once proud, go-to face of this franchise is not even a shadow of his former very formidable self. This is the same man the hated but savvy Kobe Bryant said was 'the toughest person I have to cover.' Operant word there is was. I can't even bring myself to wear my B-Roy t-shirt to games. Brandon, we barely knew ya...

  2. Oct 05

    any body else notice that Pryzbo isn't on the list of players to choose your 'favorite player' from? This is the official Start of the Where's Joel Watch? We know that Noden will be gimped-out for most games, so the whereabouts of the best center the Blazers have (?), Pryczbilla, is really important. You could debate who is the Blazers best center, but check out the w-l

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