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  1. May 11

    Story by Ben Golliver of Over at, Casey Holdahl went the extra mile to transcribe some comments made by Portland Trail Blazers director of college scouting Chad Buchanan on Blazers Courtside with Brian Wheeler, Mike Rice and Antonio Harvey this week.

  2. May 10

    It was simply LaMarcus Aldridge against whatever was in his path. Anything that got into his way, this season, L.A. soared above, around, or right through for the emphatic finish. Whether it was an alley-oop, a put back dunk, or just a straight up drive-and-finish, Aldridge is a grown man when it comes to finishing in the paint. He led the NBA in alley-oops, and these

  3. May 02

    Blazers Fan Video Attention Blazer Fans, I'm trying to start a Portland Trail Blazers fan video called, "FANmily" if you like to be featured in this video please email me a picture and a story (it doesnt have to be that long) saying why you are a fan or how you became a fan of the blazers. my email address is

  4. Apr 20

    Brandon Roy Chant Those of you going to the game tomorrow... Start a Brandon Roy chant would probably give him the confidence he needs. I wont be at the game tomorrow But i think it'd be awesome if the crowd started a Brandon Roy chant. It'll let him know we support him. Chant Brandon Roy before the first subs go in to show Nate we want to see him get minutes. my chant

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