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  1. Jan 16

    I am really enjoying this season and the team we have put together.  They are fun to watch, hard working, never giving up when they are down and rising to the challenge before them.  I can't wait to see this team develop into championship caliber.  See you all tonight agaist the Cavs!!!

  2. Nov 21

    I just want to stop and say I am thankful for this Blazer organization, the way it serves the community, and the way it treats the fans.  I am thankful for a team that has character and that it is an important part of our search for new players (unlike the former "jailblazers") I want to wish all of the players and their families a blessed Thanksgiving this year. 

  3. Nov 13

    Went to the Hawks game last night and it was another nail biter that led to another loss.  I know I was frustrated with the shooting, I can only imagine how the Blazers felt.  We got our defense in check and then the shooting was horrible. I can only hope they don't go into a deep hole of depression for all the hard work they are doing.  Batum had another

  4. Nov 03

    Wow what a great night for our young team.  Congratulations on your first road win.  I wish I could have seen it.  Direct TV blocks it out of our season pass and so again (not too bad) listened on the radio or got updates on our phone.  Can't wait for the next one!! /GO Team, GO BLAZERS!! Look out Dallas!! #ripcity

  5. Nov 02

    Can't wait to get home and watch the game!!  I haven't been this excited about our Team in a long time.  Praying everyone stays healthy and works hard!!  They are so refreshing to watch and listen too and follow on Twitter. I think we have already surprised a lot of people.  I know it is VERY early in the game but it is still very exciting. 

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