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  1. Oct 09

    Predictions- *Western Finals: Portland vs LA        Home team will win first 4 games. Than the rest is a toss up. LA in 7. Game 7: Roy goes off for 40.Oden and Joel both get into foul trouble. Portlands inexperienced champ caliber mentality is exposed. Last min clutch play by kobe with Roy & Batum up on his grill. *Eastern Finals: Boston vs

  2. Oct 02

    can we as blazer fans who are sooo prone to riteousness and doing things right admit that kobe bryant is not only the best player in the league but also the most exemplary professional basketball player there is today and that the young blazer players, especially BRoy, need to look up to him?  Not being a fan of him is one thing (since kobe has literally beaten the blazers

  3. Oct 01

    wat the blazers and the fans need more than anything to take the next step toward the coveted championship ring is not a perfect oden, tougher aldridge, better defense or even a relentless roy..they also dnt necessarily need this vague term "toughness" either....wat they really need is "meaness", to be selfish and add some feistiness..bcuz

  4. Oct 01

    yes, they CAN win it all this year but reallisticaly no! For the blazers to win it all this year, its not only going to take them playing up to near perfection but will also need the help from teams like la, bos, clev, etc. by them playin less up to par (which i highly doubt especially LA with kobe eyeing another ring).  The blazers have enough potential and fire power

  5. Sep 30

    As long as Kobe Bryant is still lingering in his prime, the Lakers will be the top tier team in the west and perhaps the entire league especially with the help of his championship cast. Kobe is the best 2 guard in the league. Basically, the blazers peak will be after the reign of Kobe and the lakers which will b in the next 2 years at the max. Also by then Kobe will have

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