1. Jun 04

    The BlazerDancers wrap up their trip to China with events at the Outdoor Auto Show at the Dong Feng business offices in Shiyan.

  2. May 31

    The BlazerDancers China trip continues with the ladies taking in some sights in the city of Xiangyang

  3. May 29

    What a great couple of days so far in Wuhan, China! Performances at the autoshow, tours of the city, trying out local customs, tours of local companies. Check out our videos and photos! Here's a performance from the autoshow. It was great seeing the crowd stop by and ask questions afterwards.

  4. May 25

    Our first two days in China has been amazing. So much to see. Here are some pictures on what we've been seeing. Pretty soon we'll be doing our performances. Can't Wait!

  5. May 24

    23 hours in a plane... that is a long long time. Here are some photos of the journey. Whew!

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