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  1. Jul 18

    Cunninghman and Pendergraff are just what we needed, they bring toughness and energy. They back down from NOBODY. Pendergraff impressed me with how he defended Dorsey, was active defensively and took charges. Cunningham is active defensively, smooth out to 15 feet and moves well without the ball. These picks might

  2. Jul 18

    To date, KP and the boys have added zilch as the pool of free agents has dwindeled to "leftovers". After the Hedo debacle, it's apparent that the Blazers are content to stick with what they've got. Repeatedly, KP's interviews have beenĀ  laced with "looking for the best player available", "still remain active" and "we are in the cat-bird seat". Let's review the needs of

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