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  1. Jul 25

     Andre Miller was smart to sign with Portland. He signed with a very strong and playoff calibor team. Hedo Turkoglu signing with Toronto is the whole reason this happened. Turkoglu chose Toronto over Portland and I have no idea why. Portland is far better. However Miller made a goog decision and now will be the lead passer for the Blazers. Lets hope he does well.

  2. Jul 20

        Portland yet has a small forward to start. I don't think you want Travis Outlaw starting here. Lamar Odom is my favorite option. He can play small or power forward and the salary he wants fits the Trailblazers. If Portland signs Odom, they got Outlaw to back him up at small forward, and Odom backs up Aldridge at power forward. It requires less salary room out of the Blazers also.

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