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  1. Jun 25

    I'll miss you Sergio...

  2. Jun 24

    So if you haven't heard, Shaq went to Cleveland!!! Interesting... Eh, the Blazers can still take them :)

  3. Jun 24

    So, The Portland Trail Blazers moved up two spots in the 2009 NBA Draft; acquiring the 22nd overall selection from the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for the 24th pick, 56th pick, and a second-round pick in 2010. But, I also heard that we'll pair up one of our guys with the draft pick for someone else.... a name thrown in was Kirk Hinrich. What do

  4. Jun 22

    Whomever is making profiles that insult the portland trailblzaers please stop. 3 new profiles were made today titled "I like Thunder", "Blazers suck big mommas", and "Duncan". The fan site is made solely for trailblazers fans who are passionate about there team. If anyone, especcially RipCityReviva

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