1. Oct 30

      So the Blazer slogan is 'New Team, New Dream'. Wait. What? New dream? Shouldn't it be the dream for every  team to win a championship? What new dream? The slogan should be modified to 'New Team, Same Dream'. That said, let the new season begin! How will this year's group of guys fare this year? Will they be a

  2. Feb 26

       Who knew that a spontaneous expression would turn into a franchise identity? That's exactly what Bill Schonely (or as he known as The Schonz) did when he coined the phrase 'RIP CITY' in 1970 when the Trailblazers

  3. Feb 23

      Blazer fans can thank Shaquile O'Neal for changing LaMarcus Aldridge's mind of entering the NBA Draft in 2004 (I know it sounds sacrilegious) 

  4. Jan 29

       The Pinball Wizard   I was always a Dave Twardzik fan. To me, he was the straw that stirred the

  5. Jan 28

      In my previous blog on Calvin Natt, I had mentioned how ridiculous it was for them to trade 3 players plus 2 draft picks for one guy, Kiki

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