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  1. Jul 03

    Check out this ESPN article. Turkoglu officially agreed in principle to a contract with Portland.

  2. Jul 02

        Hedo is an excellent player! I don't see why Blazer Nation is so down on getting him! The trailblazer staff has made all good choices since Pritchard became GM, why question this decision? Turk would provide matchup problems for other teams, he is an excellent shooter, and a veteran presence that the young blazers need. Turkoglu said quote      " They (The Blazers)

  3. Jul 02

    The Blazers in the last week have shown that they are not afraid to make the necessary moves in order to become a better team. With the acquisition of Turkoglu and some type of Point Guard upgrade over Steve Blake, the Portland Trailblazers will be a championship caliber team. I don't know about you all, but this is the most I have been excited about an upcoming blazers

  4. Jun 22

    Boy i'm so excited for the upcoming blazer season. We have so much talent and skills and will just keep improving. I will cry on the day that we win our second franchise championship even though I am such a strong man! (Yeah right...) I plan on going to at least 10 of the home games and chanting as loud as I can for my hometown team. I'm a young fan now, and will stay

  5. Jun 22

    Whomever is making profiles that insult the portland trailblzaers please stop. 3 new profiles were made today titled "I like Thunder", "Blazers suck big mommas", and "Duncan". The fan site is made solely for trailblazers fans who are passionate about there team. If anyone, especcially RipCityRevival, knows how to report these people please do so or tell me how. This is

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