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  1. Sep 15

    I've been going over this and I'm thinking someone like the cavs for a first round pick? I don't know though, I need other opinions!

  2. Aug 15

    In my opinion, it has to be the lakers coming to town April 8, 2011. With the playoffs a few days away, it could change the whole landscape of the western conference. Plus its extra heated considering its the lakers, our most hated rivals. I could see this game putting the blazers at the top of western conference if we were to win. But hey, that's just one man's opinion, give me your thoughts.

  3. Aug 11

    I know championship is a possibility but I don't see it happening without a better backup pg or a better starting pg. I say if we got second-tier player like tony parker we could make him starter and move andre to backup, then make bayless backup sg which is his natural position. Unless Rudy gets it together we need a better backup. Every other position is at championship

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