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  1. Jan 04

    Whatever happened to the trailblazer players who were signed and stashed over in europe for future trailblazer use ? I heard that kupponen had injured his leg and is on the mend and is slowly comming back ! He had a great season before he was hurt ,and is  slowly having a great season this year !  Will Kupponen be brought over next year

  2. Aug 22

    The Trailblazers Next Move should be to Sign Lamarcas Aldridge ,which accorrding to Mike Rice ,Merlin ,whom Im a Big Fan off ,should happen very soon ,although courtside is three weeks away ! I guess I will have to Stay tuned to wheels at work to hopefully gett the up and comming annoucement of Lamarcases signning ! Ive always considered Lamarcas

  3. May 18

     Ive been thinking about how late game instant replay challenges could have affected the outcome of playoff games past in the blazers playoff history ! If we would have late game instant replay challenges 2004  on back might the playoff series turned out differently ? What about the playoff series against Dallas ,

  4. May 15

    So  David Stern would like to see late game instant replay ,like the kind of late game instant replay the NFL has in place ! Now that can be a good and a bad thing for the blazers should it ever be voted in ! It would still be another way  for the refs to play with the calls of the game ! What about a blazer having his foot on the line when

  5. May 14

     What will the blazers do next ,is anyones guess ? I doubt if you can find anything out from the Coaching Staff or Administration. The NBA would put fines and sanctions on the team, If anything was let out by the  coaching staff or administration ,and that is a good thing ,it keeps us all guessing ,with great suspense and intrgue ,as to what

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