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  1. Oct 02

    I've been working on a blog about the NBA for the past few months, and recently started a 2012-13 season preview. I'd love thoughts on what I've written so far, and I will try and update the blog every other day or so. Advice on how to improve my writing is always appreciated. :)

  2. Sep 25

    So apparently the possibility of starting Aldridge at center and Hickson at PF is starting to take shape! Thoughts? Expectations? Excitement? I think this could be great for us. Our five best players could be on the floor at once!

  3. Aug 20

    As much as I love the Trail Blazers and watch as many games as I possibly can on TV, I can rarely afford to attend games at the Rose Garden. I'm a college student living across the Columbia River in Vancouver and, for the last couple years, have only been able to afford tickets once a year. This upcoming season will be my fifth consecutive year attending the home opener

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