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  1. Jul 10

    I agree that Damian Lillard should have the starting job, but I don't think he can just jump in and know what being a starting point in the nba is like right off the bat. Baron Davis was a great point guard in his prime, especially with all those steals he got. He knows what it's like to be in the playoffs, he lead an 8 seed past the mavericks, now that's pretty impressive.

  2. Jul 10

    Look, I know the blazers want to match any offer for batum, but they should let him go or do a sign and trade for him, and sign OJ Mayo. Batum was supposed to be the secondary guy to Aldridge, but Batum is a work in progress at this point with his offense. Mayo however has proved to be an elite scorer, and his talents have been overlooked in Memphis. In his rookie year,

  3. Jul 10

    The blazers are not pursuing any big name free agents, except Roy Hibbert, which was a good try to get a big man the blazers have really needed. Since the pacers are going to match the 4 year $58 mill deal, the blazers should not stop there. What the blazers need to do is look at other young players to stick around long term, like Brook Lopez. He averages 20 points, he's

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