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  1. Feb 25

    Dear Bobcats fans: Here in Portland, we feel your pain. We really do.

  2. Jan 29

    On Tuesday, January 18, 2011, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice gave Comcast the go ahead to acquire NBC Universal. The deal was completed at midnight EST last night, January 28, 2011. Why should we care? Over the past few years Comcast has repeatedly suppressed competition from rival providers —whenever it could

  3. Jan 21

    There are 52 games this season which you can't see if

  4. Jan 03

    Thank you for informing us, Brandon, that you won't be back on the court any time soon. It provides us all with a certain clarity, a reference point from which to make the necessary adjustments.

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  • Dec 26

    ...contains broad generalizations which may be objectionable to some readers. ;-)

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