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  1. Jul 06

    I've typed CJ on two of these blogs, my mistake, it's Earl Watson, not CJ

  2. Jul 06

    And now we have the 3rd string pt guard in CJ Watson from the Jazz. Veteran backup who is a decent defender and ball handler. Not and offensive threat by any stretch. Sort of Ronnie Price-like?

  3. Jul 06

    This will probably wrap up our free agent, draft class additions for the upcoming season. I think getting Wright from Philly was a good pickup. I know people wanted Asik, (as did I) but I think he's going to get way too much money for his skillset. Lopez was affordable and will be a decent stopgap. For those who didn't like our offseason moves, I did! Our bench is substantially

  4. Jul 04

    3 way deal with Sac and New Orleans giving us Robin Lopez for future draft picks and cash considerations.

  5. Jul 01

    Eric signed a two year deal with the Wizards today and his short stay in Portland was a good bridge for him and Damian. I wish him all the luck and hope he gets plenty of burn in DC..he played college ball in Virginia so it's like going home for him! I always was a fan of his game.

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