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  1. Feb 17

    Raymond Felton can continue to tell you he's been there, done that; that he is a tenured professional and knows how to handle this scrutiny and slump. He comes across as a strong person mentally - in charge of himself. But deep down, he's got to be going through torture inside. I say, enough is enough. At this point, it is counterproductive to continue crucify the way someone the way the fans and media do.

  2. Feb 15

    I often convince myself that things happen for a reason. I went to the dentist after I was resistant, pushed and prodded and met a great girl there - for a reason. That is what was going through my mind when Aldridge went down, that it happened for a reason.

  3. Feb 07

    You can compare Portland to the Lakers or even the World Champion New York Giants; the Blazers' potential is immense and they are still hitting their stride.

  4. Dec 28

    I do not remember the last time there has been this amount of excitement and optimism at the beginning of a Trail Blazer season...

  5. Dec 20

    Portland played championship contender caliber basketball last Monday night at the Rose Garden against Utah, but the first person in the Blazer organization to set the tone for the beginning of the season that night was not one of the players; it was not one of the coaches - it was the Owner, Paul Allen, for the first time in his 23+ year tenure as Owner of the Trail Blazer franchise.

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