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  1. Aug 21

      Imagine for me that you are a car. A very small car to be precise. Now imagine you have secured to your rear bumper,

  2. Apr 06

    For the Trailblazer organization, the path through this compressed season has seen them through many emotional and momentum affecting peaks and valleys. Not only has the team had to endure this, but their loyal fans and all of us in Rip city as well. With just a handful of games to be played in this regular season, and a spot in the playoffs possible for Portland, the

  3. Dec 21

    The Trailblazers finished tonight's final preseason game, looking stronger than they looked during the majority of the first 3 quarters. The game started in very much the same fashion as the first meeting between these two teams did this past Monday night in Portland, the Trailblazers sharing

  4. Dec 19

    Atmospherically speaking, the Rose Garden barely missed a beat tonight if comparing to last season. If anything, the lockout and delayed CBA may have caused more excitement for Rip City. In the pre season opener, the Trailblazers

  5. Dec 16

    The site of Fan Fest 2011 at the Rose Garden was more of the same, great fans in very large numbers. What a showing of talent tonight. We all gasped a quick breath of oxygen when Nolan Smith had his three point attempt blocked by starting point guard Raymond Felton in the first half, knocking him to the ground.

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