1. Mar 01

    There's been a lot of talk the last few days about trades and changes in the Blazers makeup. You know the kind: "You can trade anybody but Aldridge; you can trade anybody but Batum; or just "You can trade ANYBODY" to improve this team. Here's my take. Seems to me there's one player on this team who has the ability to make Portland forget about its two sad unintentional

  2. Feb 12

    Just can't help wondering where the Blazers would be now if Nate had given the playing time, compassion and support to Nolan and Elliot that he's given to Raymond and Wesley? I know he is torn about both of his starting guards, and I can understand it. But when you don't get the job done you have to sit down. How else did the Knicks find out about Lin? Both Nolan and Elliot

  3. Feb 07

    Now is a particularly good time to remember the Giants. Winners of their second improbable Super Bowl, the Giants suffered through a very tough season. Like the Blazers, they barely keeping their collective noses above water. Yet when the time came to play the really tough games, they were able to draw on the experience of playing tough throughout the season, even when

  4. Jan 28

    Just wondering where, in the history of the NBA, does the Blazers/Suns 63 point turnaround in consecutive games rank? I'm guessing it's somewhere near the top of that list. 63 is a LOT of points difference in back to backs. Even harder to understand than most of the silliness of this big silly season.

  5. Jan 27

    It's taken a few weeks, but I've finally discovered the best way for a Blazers fan to enjoy the 2012 NBA season. Ready? Just watch every game played between the Lakers and the Clippers. Talk about a win-win. I just love watching them beat each other all over the court, knowing that our guys have beaten them both already. As far as enjoying the Blazers is concerned, we

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