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  1. Apr 14

    This is a plan to build a contender this summer. A rarity for me is this approach does not involve Portland trading any of their starters or major role players.

  2. Jun 14

    Andre Drummond and Damian Lillard will not be battling each other tomorrow on the court but that will not stop each of them from fighting it out in the race to secure becoming Portland's first draft choice and #6 overall.

  3. Apr 16

    When much maligned Raymond Felton is statistically the most clutch player on the team, you know there is a problem. This blog post details Portland's five most consistent clutch time players and their struggles this season. If Felton is not to blame then who else is responsible for the Blazer's failure to win close games, read on to find out.

  4. Apr 06

    This is a how to guide for Chad or whoever is hired as the new Blazers GM to follow in order to bring a Championship to Portland next season. Note the projected salaries and trades within are posted with good faith, meaning I believe they are realistic and not just a flight of fancy. This blog assumes neither S. Williams nor J. Crawford accept their player option for next season. If either player does, Portland should trade them for any asset possible.

  5. Apr 03

    Flexibility is the key term for the Blazers this summer can we that flexibility to contend for an NBA next season. The answer is yes and I will show you how.

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