1. Apr 29

    Who wants to see the Heat feel the BLAZE!?!?!

  2. Apr 28

       Thank you for making my Son and I's first attended Blazer game ever, a good one!      Brandon, go eat your soup!  Get better, stay warm, rest, get a Light massage, and come into game six with fire in your eyes, and spread it to your mates.      G man, you spun those two puppies in like a PRO baby, way to go!!!    LA, mister NO

  3. Apr 26

    Some more than others.      I feel our team jumped a level after game two, earning the new title "Fellas" instead of "boys", but that title is eagerly waiting for an upgrade as well.  They proved in game two that they can create ways to win in dismal situations, but tonight wasn't even as bad as Game 2 (refs), there is always a way to win.  Our

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