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  1. Apr 21

    I know you will be watching the game today. I almost gave up as well, But I just can not do that. Today is at home and should be a win. I know when to losses happend, There is yelling and fight with your wife and I need to not take it out on people I love and eather stop watching or just try to con-troll my self as well.

  2. Apr 19

    First Team to beat LA in first round! Do you think That NO's will be the first team to ever knock out LA. in the first round, with Phil being the coach? Phil has never been knock out in the first round as a coach!

  3. Apr 19

    I know the Blazers will win today and the next 3 games are at home. So the Blazers just need to win one game out of the first two. I can see the Blazers will run alot in the game and I feel that they will win by ten or more. The Dalles fan will turn off there TV., That's how bad the Blazers will be up.

  4. Apr 18

    We won

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