1. Feb 13

    Birdman's Tattoos > Nic's Tattoos

  2. Nov 05

    From YouTube: "Will Barton, shares the meaning behind some of his tattoos...Just when you thought you knew, you have no idea...It's deeper than the ink in his skin!"

  3. Jan 04

    The LA Lakers Twitter account liked our tweet complimenting their use of instagram to share a photo of one of bynum's dunks last night, so I answered "Touche" with an instagram'd image of Nic blocking Kobe last year.

  4. Dec 29

    For his final season of high school hoops, Nolan played with his father on his right biceps. It was a drawing of Derek's face above some clouds. With this inscription: "Forever Watching.

  5. Dec 28

    We just uploaded a bunch of great shots of Jamal Crawford's tattoos after hooking up with his Atlanta tattoo artist via twitter.

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