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  1. Feb 06

    Friday we took a divisional test against the Nuggets. Denver came and went. We thought they might give us trouble. Maybe it was the Back to Back to Back. Maybe it was the travel. Maybe it just wasn't their night. Or maybe it was OUR night. Nic put on a clinic at the 3-point line. LaMarcus continued his quest for his All-Star berth. Camby cleaned up the glass! But we have

  2. Jan 10

    So we are taking on the Clips again. This time they are on our turf. They are walking into Our House. This time will be different. This time we will not be the ugly slow Blazers. This time we will show "Lob City" who has the leading alley-oop combo! This time we will leave it out on the floor! On New Years day I lost a bet. This time I intend

  3. Jan 05

    I should really be in bed right now. I have to be up in only a few hours. However, I cannot think of sleeping. I keep seeing Gerald flying to the hoop. Jamal raining in a 27 footer. LaMarcus Jamming it home. Camby screaming, "get that ish outta here"!  But most of all I have more than 19,000 Blazer fans voices ringing in my ears. It

  4. Jan 05

    I am ready for this game. I am ready to be a part of the raucous Rose Garden Crowd. I am ready to cheer on the team. I am ready  to see a win. I cannot wait for the first chants of "Beat LA" to roll through the arena. I am ready to see the Lakers sent packing. I am ready.... Are you?

  5. Jan 03

    This Blazer season is going to be fast and furious. A lot of games squeezed into a very short amount of time. Not much room for error. On Sunday I was reminded that while this season is still just getting started and there is undoubtedly room to improve that this team has a lot of weapons. This isn't just about being a physically great team

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