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  1. Apr 25

    will anyone win an away game in this series? probably not. 1st of all Dallas has a bigger fan base so probably more referee friendly. 2ndly the blazers have not learned to attack the rim when they go flat on offense which 10 yrs ago was a necessary staple.

  2. Apr 23

    The other day Brandon mouthed off about not being used, then apologized. No problem, today he did the right thing in sports, mad at the coach or the refs or the other team? Take it out on the basket!

  3. Mar 16

    preacher fan's perspective on the blazers...

  4. Mar 04

    more rambling...on something i overheard...

  5. Mar 02

    My background. Bible teacher, and junior high baseball and basketball player. Didn't play high school or college. Mainly a fan who played a lot of sandlot including football.

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