1. Oct 26

    Playoffs. It seems to be the magic word in sports these days.

  2. Aug 31

    I’m a Portlander and I’m an Oregonian, and I’m darn proud to be both of them. Too often, I hear people say that players don’t want to come to Portland because of our weather and that we’re a small market.

  3. Jun 25

    The Oregon Jewish Museum recently established a Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, and four Sammies (members of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity at the University of Oregon) were the first four men inducted.

  4. Jun 19

    In my retirement I intend to take on a project that I know will be an exercise in futility, but I’ll have fun doing it nevertheless. I intend to change the vocabulary of the NBA. At a press conference about a year ago, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski responded to a question about his position players by stating that he didn’t have guards and forwards, he had basketball players. If that’s good enough for Krzyzewski, it’s good enough for me.

  5. Jun 01

    I’d like to think I accomplished a few things in my professional life, but I guess I’m most proud of what I did to bring Portland a major league sports team.  And I’m still in love with them. We’re in a unique position this year. Usually if you acquire one good player in a year, you’ve done really well. We’ve

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