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  1. Jun 19

              Returning home for the summer after my freshman year at college means many things. I've gotten a chance to see my parents, little brother and friends, and made numerous trips to the beach which is about a 10 minute walk from my house. It's been just a week, but so much fun. My transition from student to summer civilian

  2. May 22

            It's hard to believe it's been just seven months since I started following the Portland Trail Blazers. There are some around the site who have an idea of how that come about and when I talk about an idea, I mean more of a whom. I was in my college dorm room one October day as my roommate, known here as Kassandra,

  3. Feb 20

       The Portland Trail Blazers are a truly remarkable team. This is my first year as a fan of the Blazers, thanks to being introduced to them by my fanatical roommate at college (there's your shout out, Kassandra!). I have been very amazed about how they battle in the face of all the adversity of their injuries. I'm just learning

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