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  1. Sep 07

    Childhood obesity in the U.S. is a large issue. About 17 percent of all children under the age of 19 would be regarded as medically overweight. One publication, recently listed on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble attempts to tackle this epidemic carefully, with nutritional guidance. This book, however, could possibly be doing a lot of damage. Child specialists and

  2. May 27

    Previous Minnesota Twins All-Star Harmon Killebrew has succumbed to throat cancer. The pride of Payette, Idaho, 11-time MLB All-Star and 1969 American League MVP was 74 years old. The ambassador for the game of baseball games ended his days

  3. Feb 11

    The AFC and National Football Conference Championship games have wrapped, and the winners are off to meet within the Super Bowl. In just a couple weeks, it will time for Super Bowl XLV, or Super Bowl 45.

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