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  1. Apr 28

    They say a playoff series doesn't really start until a team wins on another's home floor.  Well, the first

  2. Feb 23

    There is a lot of talk around about the return of Brandon Roy to the Blazers active roster. A lot of Blazer fans can hardly wait for that to happen. At the same time there are some who like the way the Blazers are playing now and think that the return of Brandon might somehow change

  3. Feb 23

    Ok, I've heard a lot of things about trading players, and I just want to get my opinion out there.  I really don't think we should trade anybody (much less Marcus Camby, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Fernandez, or Andre Miller!!!!!), except maybe Sean Marks.  Then again, if all our centers get hurt I whole heartedly agree with your thinking.

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