1. Apr 02

    tteresa with the mikes at tonights game with utah I  I I have not written a blog in a long time...a lot going on with the challenges of working ful time since january and digesting this crazy season

  2. Sep 11

    what do blazermaniacs do when during the off season to bide the time til their fave team plays?  well they play fantasy football.  Kassandra Mcintosh most of you know her on this site as she blogs regularly ( blogs off the charts uber good) started a fantasy football league for us blazermanics called west coast football.  In this league is me(first time

  3. Aug 19

    THE BANNER OF SABAS HANGING FROM PIONEER SQUARE Yesterday was Arvydas Sabonis day in Portland Oregon August 18,2011.  I had the prviledge of being there yesterday to honor one of our great players that came over from Europe

  4. Jun 13

    The last game was played. players did their exit interviews and summer vacation started for the players immediately afterwards.  Some stayed in Portland and a lot of the players went home.  I have kept in touch with what they have been doing via twitter.  If you are not following the players and the wives on twitter your missing out on some great

  5. Jun 11

    Patty Mills has been hosting his assist Australia events since Jan ever since his country was his with massive flooding beyond belief that wiped out the biggest city in Queensland.  He has been working tirelessly to promote what had happened and bring about help to his country while he was here in the us.  I had been wanting to go to one but could

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