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  1. Apr 01

    There are many days in my life that are my favorite...and three because of the Trail Blazers.  The first was March 25th, 2011, against the San Antonio Spurs.  Nicolas, 'Dre, and Wesley did a great job that game.  The second was Febuary 9th, 2012, when Nic drained 9 3's against the Denver Nuggets...and I had 200 level seats for that... :)  The last one

  2. Feb 10

    I'd just like to say one thing about the Trail Blazers.  Their whole starting 5 (and Nicolas) were on the ballot for the All-Star team.  If they were on it (and I know, I voted for them twice), then why aren't they playing like it?  I think that should let them know that people are appreciating their efforts, and maybe they'll play better on the road, because

  3. Jan 11

    Ok, it's not ironic that we beat them, but here's why it is... Last season, I got to go see the game against the Cavs at home with my dad.  My dad is from Ohio, so he kept joking that "Oh the Cavs will come back and win it, you'll see".  We ended up winning and I emailed my family back east "Hey!  The Blazers beat the Cavs! HA!" Then we beat

  4. Feb 23

    Ok, I've heard a lot of things about trading players, and I just want to get my opinion out there.  I really don't think we should trade anybody (much less Marcus Camby, Nicolas Batum, Rudy Fernandez, or Andre Miller!!!!!), except maybe Sean Marks.  Then again, if all our centers get hurt again, who would we have as center?  If we trade all the people that

  5. Feb 09

    Ok, I am really glad that last night, Mike Barret and Mike Rice mentioned that Nicolas Batum is basicly untouchable-that he isn't going to be traded...possibly ever.  I'm really glad because he is my favorite Blazer, and I think that he plays really well (except when he's wide open, and he doesn't call for it...and all the action takes place on the other side of the

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