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  1. Apr 20

    Dirk is the straw that stirs the drink for the Dallas Mavericks, and as he goes so does Dallas. The Mavericks whole success is predicated on his play (the Jet in the 4th quarter). If we can stop Dirk, we stop Dallas. The Blazers should employ a Thibodeau defensive strategy in the upcoming games - stop Dirk and make everyone else beat you. Easier said then done so here's

  2. Mar 22

    This blog is an excerpt from the article "One man's list of the greatest NBA athletes ever" by Steve Aschburner from  The NBA players are listed in the following order: #10 Gerald Wallace, #9 Calvin Murphy, #8 Dwight Howard, #7 David Robinson, #6 Dominique Wilkens, #5 Bill Russell, #4 Clyde Drexler, #3 Michael Jordan, #2

  3. Mar 17

    Guys, please practice some humility. Too many of "us" (myself included) can be pompous regarding our NBA comprehension. I remember one fan proclaiming that we would win 50 games this season - yeah, not gonna happen. I remember another

  4. Mar 09

    The loss to the Knicks? A bizarre turn based on an offensive flourish from a team playing with emotion in its first week together. The loss to the 

  5. Mar 01

    I grade the trade an A-/B+. Had the conditional 1st round pick from NO been higher, we would have been able to keep Dante in my opinion (The remainder of the season seems as an interview process between Dante and CHA - unlikely to be resigned). Dante

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