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  1. Apr 26

    Can Nate Deliver

  2. Apr 24

    Will defense ever matter again?

  3. Jan 09

        Just finished watching the game and i was impressed with all the Blazers had done until 2:30 left in the game. They had a 7 point lead going and it almost seemed as if they were just trying to let the clock run 24 seconds off and then try and play some defense. What the hell happened? They had the game, they were doing everything they needed to

  4. Jan 09

        Well tonight the Blazers get to show the rest of the NBA what has been going on in Portland is for real...Yes a hand off of the torch has happened and this ream has the ability to beat any team @ home on any given night including the Multi million dollar 3 headed monster known as the Miami Heat. These are the games that Portland is usually always

  5. Jan 08

        So, the Blazers go on the road and nearly get a 3-0 trip, which easily should have happened. There confidence is growing as lamarcus Aldrige grows right before all our eyes. So in saying all this, does any of this ever happen if roy and Oden dont go down for the season. Now Brandon Roy has not said he is done for the year but it feels as if that

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