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  1. Jan 17

    I think that although we have lost a few games in the first half of the season there is no cause for panic. Depth is a problem but only due to the coaching that plays only starters, how do you get game experience without play time? We have the 1st half rookie of the year in Lillard and i think we will finish in the bottom ten in the league. This put us in a great position

  2. Dec 18

    Lamarcus take a day off  in fact don't play for a game or two then come off the bench 1 minute into the 2nd or 3rd game so you are 100%, well I guess that's just my opinion. what do you think?

  3. Dec 16

    In a word D-Lil, after last nights game I think it is easy to say Lillard is the frontrunner for ROY. What are your thoughts?

  4. Dec 14

    I believe this win for Damian Lillard vs Tony Parker and the San Antonio Spurs is the best win of his young career. What are your thoughts? Which game do you think was his best win?

  5. Dec 12

    Due to the Sam Bowie revelation, that he lied about his knee injury before the '84 NBA draft, I feel the league should make a special exception of a 2nd round pick to the Blazers for their loss. My reasoning for this action would be the disclosure we are in with Martel Webster and his injury that the league says Portland knew of prior to the trade with

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