jjg3j2j2004's Blog

  1. Feb 02

    my break down of the season so far with a bonus at the end

  2. Jan 19

    things ive noticed while watching the game, jamal shot sellection. while i would never want to tweak jamal shot or his style ive noticed things, when he pops in the game he supposed to spark the bench so what does he do, goes iso dribbles for around 5 secs makes his move and what happens bricks... now if he makes it he'll go 2 fro 6 mayeb 2 for 8. now he finds himself

  3. Jan 16

    LA should make it

  4. Jan 15

    the crowd can be a wonder, and one huge thing to keep you in the game... random photo from google

  5. Dec 28

    first all yes thats why title random thoughts if you dare to read

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