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  1. Jan 22

     I finally got to watch the documentary once brother as it was about Portlands first European basketball player and his fellow countryman vlade. I never knew their story and never thought about that war seperating them.  Anyhow it takes me and puts me in perspective of what these "pioneers" (at the time we did not realize it) of European basketball did to break

  2. Jan 20

    LIttle did I know when I first went into blazer chat during pre season to chat with fellow fans about a team I dearly love would turn into something I will never forget. I found this chat to be great as it is very well moderated and the blazer staff who monitor this chat are the nicest and most professional people around.  I never dreamed I would make

  3. Dec 05

    I want to first state this first before I talk about the recnet losing streak...I want the players to look at that photo on the silo in front of the rose garden their hands are united.  They need to remember unity and uniting more under adversity not be seperate.  Last time I

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