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  1. Jan 15

    Last game against Phoenix, the blazers nearly had the game on their hands. Unfortunately it didn't happen. The Phoenix suns prevailed against the Portland trailblazers 111-115. 4th quarter break-down was one of the problem. LaMarcus didn't score that much. He only had 4 points on that particular quarter. Having only a few touches in that quarter. As the

  2. Jan 12

    RISE WITH US! A familiar chant from the fans of the Portland Trailblazers. For the past 2 seasons this has been the chant or the words that you can see from a fan holding a sign board. But is it still the chant? Is the team that has been unbelievable this past 2 seasons gone? Are we still gonna see them in the post-season? Well,

  3. Jan 08

    Since the absence of Brandon Roy, Wesley Matthews has stepped-up his game into a higher level. He has been spectacular this past few games. He played like a player fighting for a contract. The absence of Brandon Roy is becoming an epic story for the Portland Trailblazers, he's knees are both sore. His injury is a different one, the cartilage on His knees

  4. Dec 20

    Since the epic story of Brandon Roy and his knees. Aldridge has been playing spectacular. He is now turning to be a double-double machine.  For the last 4 games he has produced 35 against Dallas. 36 and 10 against Minnesota. 15 and 11 against Golden State. 29 and 19 against the Bucks. Those are all-star numbers. He has been great and carried the team

  5. Nov 04

    Brandon Roy is a very talented and capable player. He is the smoothest guy I've ever seen. But, is he capable enough to be the next guy after Kobe, Lebron and Wade?  well, he is a very good leader as those guys are. In fact, he has taken that leadership role when he was just in his 2nd year. He has the moves that those guys have but, he does it in his

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