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  1. May 31

    Yeah, it COULD have been better. But let’s not bite off more than we can chew. As one Blazer fan told me minutes after the Blazers secured the 6th and  11th picks in June 28th’s NBA Draft, “For first time in a long while, I had reason to cheer (aside from watching a game.”) That sums it up, right? Portland was slotted in the 11th spot, then

  2. May 28

    For the past 15 years or so, I’ve been using a usual phrase to all aspiring sportscasters.   It is this, “there is no experience like experience itself”. After watching Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals… that phrase rings incredibly true. The Spurs are as great—top to bottom—as any team in recent memory. For a quick

  3. May 15

    Alright, don’t be misled by the title peeps. The season for the Blazers has now been over for a couple weeks, but I’ve yet to come to grips with it. I certainly didn’t want it to end, and neither did you. But reality does indeed bite!

  4. Apr 13

    The headline pretty much sums it up right?   I’m referring to LaMarcus Aldridge.  His season has come to an unfortunate end due to a labral tear in his right hip.  It was revealed on Thursday that Aldridge will have surgery to repair this very soon back in Colorado.  Aldridge is expected to be on the shelf anywhere from 2-4 months.

  5. Apr 02

    Portland picked up win #25 of the season tonight.   And yes, it was a game they HAD to have.   Truth be told, I never thought I’d utter the words….”the Timberwolves have not been an easy team to solve”.    Yes, I’m talking about the same team that won an NBA worst 17 games last season.   But, this

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