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  1. Nov 04

    Ok, so a new season so I have a new starting five. Roy and Aldridge are fixtures so nothing needs to be said about them. My staring five is the same as Nates, except for one thing. Why the hell aren't you starting Andre?! Why pay him all that money to come off the bench? To me the thing that the Blazers were lacking the most last season were decisions at the point. There

  2. Apr 29

    Ok I just want to throw this out there before the game tonight. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but when Batum is on the floor he really disrupts the flow of Houstons offense. The Rockets offense will only work if they move well without the ball and get open shots. Batum really screws that up for them. He plays the passing lanes so well and he's so long that it

  3. Apr 28

    Tonight the blazers will come out strong. They'll build a 20 point lead in the first half. It'll probably dwindle down to between 15 and 20 by the end of the first half. In the second half Houston will make a run but it will be early and short. The last third of the game the Blazers will run away with it and probably win by 30 or more. In game six, if Nate starts Aldridge

  4. Apr 27

    So we've played two games in Houston and lost both. Offensively Yao has not been much of a factor and that's why both games were close. I think we are obviously a better team than the Rockets but Nate is getting outcoached. The players we have are ready to take things to the next level. But at least against the Rockets, McMillan is holding us back. In game three we lost

  5. Apr 22

    The starting 5 I have selected is an approach I believe we should take against the Rockets. The main problem we have faced against their defense is Yao ( and Pryzibilla or Oden, sometimes both ) clogging up the paint. The beauty of this team is that we have everything we need ( as far as personnel ) to counter every kind of defense. What the Rockets are doing is playing

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