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  1. Nov 22

    We need to add to our team to get better if our team gets better and we add players that naturally help a winning style of basketball we will be better In 2011 draft we need to draft Kemba Walker pg out of UConn if we dont get a pg by next yr Kemba has the more polished offense, handle, mid range, and etiquette when utilizing the pick in the

  2. Nov 17

    I'd like to start off with by congratulating Greg Oden on recovering from his left patella injury and his micro-fracture in his right knee.  And in the same token, tell him that although i do not know his pain and disappointment with the fate that has been bestowed upon him i empathize  with and still believe in him.  In my eyes this will only make him stronger

  3. Nov 09

    Tonight during the pistons game i witnessed  the best i have seen portland play this year.   Portland individually and as a team played defense as good as a team could.  Everyone rotated and helped and closes out when the ball was swung.  Also i have to say our young men played together and for each other and it got us a W.  Armon

  4. Nov 09

    I for one who tonight is very proud today to see Jerryd Bayless play exceptionally well for the Hornets tonight. In my mind tonight after the Portland v Pistons game would have loved to see our fast breaks with Armon Johnson, Jerryd Bayless, Wesley Matthews, Dante Cunningham and LA.  But enough for the dreaming J-Bay dropped 15 points on

  5. Nov 09

    My favorite player in the league is Brandon Roy Right now hes catching some flack some admittedly from myself but this too shall pass.  Roys game is based on his intelligence and craftiness.  He can only be getting smarter and craftier with each passing year otherwise he has not been an avid student of the game which i am sure he is. Roy

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