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  1. Jan 30

       After 20 games in this condensed schedule, the Portland Trail Blazers now sit at the record of 12-8.  It's a winning record, with 60% of the games won, but is it a great record that this team should be sitting at?   To me, it isn't.  We should be better.  But, will give the Blazers some credit for winning

  2. Jan 18

      It's not much about the Blazers, but after their pathetic game against the Hawks, losing 89-92, I wasn't done watching NBA basketball for the night.   Seeing two other playoff contenders in the West, the Mavericks and Clippers, compete in LA, I didn't care much for who won, despite that I'd rather have the Mavs win because I have no respect for the Clippers

  3. Jan 13

      It seems no matter how much the Blazers make roster changes, it seems the Blazers are always the Blazers.  Since Greg Oden was drafted, only LaMarcus Aldridge remains as an active Blazer.  That was back in 2007.  Now, fast forward 5 years.  We lose our Superstar in Brandon Roy.  We've only seen Oden for 82 games.  We've changed point

  4. Jan 05

      After 6 impressive games from the Portland Trail Blazers who are on top of the Western Conference with a stunning record of 5-1, I've gotten a good feel with this.  Although the Blazers are my favorite team, and I never miss a game, they aren't the only team I watch.  I've probably seen a game from every team in the West so far, and have got a good feel

  5. Jun 15

    We've all heard the basketball commercials for the Blazers, with Brandon Roy saying that it's not about the future, but it's NOW. Not the "now" as "maybe we can do it", but the "now" as in "right now"

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