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  1. Sep 07

    It's clear that if the Blazers want to win a championship anytime soon, they will eventually have to take down the Lakers in a playoff series.  Can they do it? I certainly think it is possible because of our big front line of Camby, Oden, Przybilla and Aldridge.  They would be easily capable of shutting down Bynum, and they could at least slow

  2. Sep 04

    The first time I saw Dante Cunningham come in off the bench, I said to myself, "Oh, great.  Another rookie."  But then I saw him play. Dante Cunningham impressed me from the start.  His ability to knock down mid-range jumpers and play lock-down defense amazed me.  It got me thinking about Travis.  At the time, Travis wasn't injured yet,

  3. Aug 25

    I am of the opinion that Bayless is overrated.  He is starting to remind me of Travis Outlaw, the reason we didn't beat the Rockets in the 2009 playoffs.  Bayless thinks he has a great jumper.  He does not.  The shot has no arc, and he often bricks it.  I don't mind it when he shoots open threes, but I doubt his ability to knock down a self-created

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