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  1. Jan 18

    Any one have any word on where Greg Oden is and how his recovery is going? Normally you would here reports on how Roy is doing and how he is progressing or other players but i have not heard anything since hearing that he had successful surgery. It would be nice to hear these updates for any of the players once in a while as the season progresses.

  2. Nov 12

    Blazer fans check this out!!! I found this on www.Oregonlive.com, there is a petition out that Blazer fans needs to sign. The sports fans Coalition is taking this up with the powers to be in a few days and need to get as many signatures as possible. They are claiming that Comcast is taking over multiple area markets and blacking out local sports. I would like to

  3. Apr 16

    I'm gonna say that Portland wins in 6, I believe we will take on of the 1st 2 games down in Phoenix and win both of the games 3 and 4 here. Phoenix will then take game 5 in Phoenix and I say we will finish it on game 6 here in Portland. Portland will advance into the second round and play Dallas. I strongly feel this and cannot think of this happening any other way. Any one have any thoughts...

  4. Mar 05

    Sunday's game vs. Denver could be a game that gives us the confidence to put out more wins ahead to go with our already 5 0ut of 6. winning this game and then we play our next 5 games against struggling teams kings, warriors, kings, raptors, and wizards and putting on a run to possibly go 10 out of 11 till we play some of the inner conference teams we will be looking to

  5. Mar 02

    The Blazers are trying to make a statement saying they are not going to just settle with the # 8 seed in the western conference. While going 4-1 on a 5 game road trip  the blazers still have to prove to them self's and others that just because the did play some of the lower level teams in the league, that they are for real and need to put together a few more good

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