1. Jul 07

    It's the four transactions over the past week about which we fans should be thrilled. Though none of these trades will be official until the free agent moratorium ends on July 10, the team has filled some holes in the second unit.

  2. Jul 03

    I think the Fourth of July is, perhaps the one holiday we celebrate which exemplifies what we the holiday means. We barbecue. We always, at least for a moment, talk about Uncle Sam. We wear red, white and blue. It seems, more than any other holiday, we actually recognize its origin.

  3. Jul 02

    We've already heard of countless meetings and negotiations, and some tentative agreements. What we've not heard are even more contacts which don't make the headlines nor tweets. In other words, there's just a lot going on about which we've not heard.

  4. Jun 30

    Robinson was selected fourth by the Kings and was traded to the Rockets two-thirds of the way into his rookie season. He averaged 4.8 points and 4.5 rebounds in 15.1 minutes per game last season. He appeared in a combined 70 games for the two teams.

  5. Jun 27

    As much as I am liking the promise of our number 10 pick, I am ecstatic about what the team did concerning round two. I've been able to get a little information from friends regarding three of these guys.

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