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  1. Mar 30

    I love my blazers but they will not be making it to the two or three. We do have a slim chance of 4 but i think strategically that is not a good idea . Beacuse the nuggets would sit around 5. With a blazer 4-5 mathcupo i really think that could be scary remember this is this playoffs. Lets hope for a six three with dallas . Lets do it. Blazers

  2. Mar 27

    In this play off race a win against the hornets is nessacary . The good news is the trail blazers are number one in back to backs. And yea we are plying OKC who dominated the la slakers .THey did great tonight lets hope momentem comes with them into the next game go blazers lets sweep this rode home. I'll see you wed at ny.

  3. Mar 26

        I keep saying and i think know people will belivie me the blazers can end up in 6th place.But some people need to slow down they will not get to 4 or 5 they defintely wont get home court advntage.Unlesss... I think we saw who we want in the first round last night. It only takes one win in the other teams arena to grab home court.(Remember last year.) The great part

  4. Mar 21

    Listen Blazer fans i've wanted to say all season and here it is. Those of you who think bayless is a asset to this team are Wrong. hYes he had a few good games but his bad have way out weighed the good and tonight he is proving it. When we made our trade i was really hoping that blake was staying and bayless would end up in the d leauge.Bayles can driuve not usally make

  5. Mar 21

    Rudy wont be flying to PHX ,but you forget here we are the portland trail blazers . WE played phx last time with roy . We have the great ability to have players step up . Watch marty tonight he might be your x-factor off the bench. Rip city Don't fear ....

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