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  1. Apr 26

    First Game Andre Miller had 31 points. Fourth Game Aldridge had 31 points.  With both games we played defense, defense is the key. Blazers please don't let Richardson score 40 points.  We got game 5 its not going to be easy, but the we got it.  I'm so happy we got Marcus Camby who would have ever thought that

  2. Mar 26

    hornets we got yall but we got to do better on the foul line. Ten more games i cant wait to see what spot we will be in the playoffs. the 3 to 8 spot it doesn't really matter because we got the Lakers:)  

  3. Mar 25

    fantastic game tonight miller was a beast

  4. Mar 25

    Lets get tonight!!!!! we need a win against the Mavs i hope we make in the 7 spot or the 6 But if we stay in the 8 spot its cool because We got the Lakers

  5. Mar 14

    A WIN IS A WIN GOOD JOB TRAIL BLAZERS!!!!!!! I Was kinda worry for a second that if the 4th but yall hold on to the game  fantastic game Fernandez and Camby  and everyone eles

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