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  1. Mar 26

    One of the things that I've been watching for in Blazers games (Almost to the point of missing game action) is instances of Andre Miller jumping above the rim. Now, we all make jokes about his 2" vertical, but I've been seeing a lot more air out of 'Dre lately. Perhaps he's found new legs? Sapping the strength out of the Blazer's rookies? Springs in his

  2. Mar 21

    Now, I haven't followed basketball for very long, and I may be simply talking about something that already exists. Is there a stat for tipped and affected ball play? 'Cause I think we could probably award Batum and Camby some major points in that category for tonight's game! I mean, really. 10 rebounds, IN THE FIRST QUARTER ALONE? Gotta give

  3. Mar 14

    I suppose that I'm not the only one gone Batum-mad in the recent weeks. I dare say that I am rather reserved compared to some of the fanship I have observed. However, one thing that absolutely cannot be denied is the sheet showmanship and efficiency of the Frenchie. We will see many exciting things to come from this player. In the meantime, I'm happy to

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