1. Apr 29

    Let this season be the end of the "Uprise" era. That's a theme for the incomplete or misguided. One that thrives exclusively on people's emotions not their efforts.

  2. Apr 28

    Tonight, we win or lose as one FANmily!

  3. Apr 26

    I've never met you, but I've known you now for years. It's clear that your heart is in the right place. Right there, in the middle of your chest. You know that you can step it up and fatigue be damned.

  4. Apr 26

    "The pressure's on Portland" is the common sentiment by the Blazer's critics and supporters alike. That's good, because there must be a return to that condition of urgency the team displayed in Game 3 and late in Game 4. It is the primary need to force a Game 7.

  5. Apr 24

    Starting Roy doesn't change the Dallas home court advantage, instantly improve the defensive needs or show a team that plays hot for 48 minutes. Simply put: Starting Roy provides an emotional boost to a fan base that's already running red hot after Game 4.

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